Saturday, 9 June 2012

"We especially enjoyed the appendix"

Project White Dragon has reached an important milestone, unfortunately the milestone is being selected as a winner in the USAF competition and I didn't win.

I did however get a great review, snippets of which (like the confusing title of this post) are after the break...
First let me tell you what the hell I'm talking about.
About six months ago I submitted a 7,110 word proposal for a new and improved method of combat medical evacuation for a USAF competition. Today I found out that I did not win the 15,000 dollar prize but I did get back feedback which they did not have to provide and it's really great feedback as well!

I'm still planning to look for a buyer for the inventions in my proposal so I redacted the technical bits which relate to the appendix they liked. It describes White Dragon, a very novel concept which is simply too far ahead technologically, so no cash prize.
The rest is about the less crazy stuff, a system I call ISSES which is practical and I have had good feedback on from other sources.
Thank you for your interest in submitting a solution to this Challenge. This was a very well thought out solution. We especially enjoyed the appendix. A   is an exceptional solution that would work in all environments. However the technology is not quite there.  This is still a lot of development away. The submitted solution is an inflatable cart. The inflatable wheels are novel. Where normal wheeled systems tend to work very well over hard ground but have difficulty in soft or swampy ground, inflatable wheels solve that problem. Another solution used inflatable concepts that had other additional significant improvements that made it even easier to use in more terrains.
I think I'll go marinate my ego in the juices of this very fine review for a while.


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